Healings and Readings

Enchanted Soul Healings embrace the energy of the animal spirits around you, and are a way of finding inner peace of the mind, body and soul.

Healings leave you feeling at one, on both an internal and external level, allowing you to discover harmony and live in a balanced state. 

Soul Healings

Healings Nick is provides:

  • Reiki
  • Fifth dimensional healing
  • Lotus Egyptian healing
  • Sounding healing drums/chimes/chanting
  • Body work
  • Connecting with animals and nature


Soul Readings

Enchanted Soul Readings are a tool to help you to find yourself again and to start to walk your path through your soul. These readings are unique and will empower you to recognise that the answers are within.

Soul Readings are guided by the Enchanted Animal Oracle Card deck and are designed to find your way back to your true self. 


The Healing Journey

After many years searching for answers to my questions from other people, readers and healers, I started to find love and peace from within, the day I started to walk my true path.

All the answers that I needed were waiting to be discovered deep within. Once I reconnected through the whispers of my Soul and the animal spirit messages, I started to live a life of happiness from me and the world around me.

Discover the 5 states of living that allowed me to heal myself:

  1. Mind/Thoughts.
    I had to change my thoughts from a negative perception to positive
  2. Physical/Action.
    I had to start to take action and move to the rhythm of my soul
  3. Emotional/Intuition.
    I had to go deep into my emotional soul and start to express my emotions so my world would begin to flow again
  4. Heart/Love.
    I had to break down the wall I had placed in front of my heart to allow me to love myself again and learn to love others
  5. Soul/Home.
    The place that shows me my truth, allows me to sit in the safety of my own mind, body and soul - my true home

Change starts and ends with you, so make the change that guides you back to your internal soul.

I would love to help you reconnect to yourself and give you the tools to heal yourself and live a life of peace love and harmony. 

Healings and Readings are available in-person, over the phone or via Zoom.

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