Never give up.  You’re worth it!

Suppression, Depression to Expression

Help you to help yourself
Help you to help others
Help you to achieve your goals
Help you to reach your highest potential
Help you to empower your mind, body and soul

Enchanted Soul Healing

Enchanted Soul Healing was birthed out of my journey of finding myself. 

For the last 15 years it has been a journey of discovery and leading myself out of suppression, depression and leading me to expression.  Coming from a feeling that I live in a world of separation to now where I live in a world of one in my heart and soul.

As I have found myself, I am hoping to inspire and reconnect people to their enchanted soul so they may live a life of peace and happiness as I have now done to be at one with myself and the world around me.

Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards have been nominated!

I am very proud to announce that
Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards have been nominated for 3 awards in the 2021 Carta Awards!
Best Oracle Deck
Aspiring Debut Artist
Guidebook Accompanying A Deck

Nominated for the
Best Oracle Deck 2021
Nominated for the
Aspiring Debut Artist 2021
Nominated for the Best Guide
Book Accompanying a Deck 2021