About Nick


There are many points in people’s lives where they are given an opportunity to change. For some, one of these opportunities might even be life changing. Finding Spirit and finding myself was one of those moments for me.

Until my late thirties I’d been living in a suppressed state, which had led to a depressed state. I realised I had to change my life completely. For about the next ten years I tried a variety of meditations and healing techniques and found the more I healed my mental plane, the more I started to feel at peace in my mind, body and soul.

At fifty-one through the advice of my spiritual mentors, I turned to my body and had gastric band surgery. This was the second pivotal turning point in my life. I’d been learning how to moderate and view my thoughts and emotions, now it was time to apply these techniques to how and what I ate.

When my weight started to fall away, my emotions began to flow and my heart began to open to new levels of being. For the first time in my life I started to really feel the love of myself and the world around me.

The Spirts were waiting for me to come home. They said, ‘We have given you the opportunity to start again!’ And it certainly felt like it.

I’m now a facilitator of the modalities that helped me establish my new life: Reiki, fifth-dimensional healing, lotus Egyptian healing, sound healing (drums and chimes), body work and connecting with animals and nature.

Now, I share with you the messages and gentle guidance I’ve received from Spirit, to help you when you become lost in a world of separation from yourself or others. To help you find your own way to yourself.

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