The Journey

Welcome, you’re on the path to your Enchanted Soul. My journey has been the greatest adventure of finding myself through the whispers of my soul.

From an early age I always felt like I was different from those around me. My family, my friends, my peers. The older I got the more separated I became from my true self. I lived my life according to the unrealistic expectations of others adding unnecessary pressure to my life.

My first real relationship began when I was 20. It lasted for 18 months and when it ended I began a downward spiral to a life of depression. I had become lost in a world of anger, hatred and sadness. I lost my voice and stopped communicating with the outside world, isolating myself and living a life lost in my own thoughts.

I spent the next 15 years addicted to alcohol, gambling, eating, smoking, coffee and an unhealthy lifestyle leaving me feeling suicidal and alone.

The more isolated I was in my own judgmental thoughts the further I drifted away from my heart. I put up impenetrable walls making myself numb to feelings of happiness and love, love from others and most importantly, love from self.

I had lost the will to live. I had to make a choice to either end my life or to change the way I was thinking knowing that there was more to life than what mine had become, I had to change my mind, my body, my heart and my soul. I decided to take control of my life and start living for me, manifesting a world around me that I want to live in and that I believe in free from others expectations, and living my true path. My adventure had just begun.

My brother and sister had already begun on a healing journey and it was through them that I was introduced to Reiki. Until I had tried it, I thought it was all a load of bullshit. How could someone hovering their hands over me make me feel better? I had seen doctors, psychiatrists, councillors, tried medication and nothing had worked. 

This was my last hope. So I gave it a try and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.

For the first time since I had shut down I was able to feel.

During my Reiki healing I rediscovered the feelings of love and felt at peace, peace like I had never felt before in life. This allowed me to start to unlock my emotions and begin to break down my walls.

It was so invigorating that I was left with a thirst for more. My spiritual journey had begun. I had to learn how to do this for myself.

The more I practices Reiki the more love I felt from deep inside me, love for the world around me and for myself again. I am now a Reiki Master.

Next, I joined a Meditation group, again feeling a little skeptical of how much it could benefit me. Once again I was pleasantly surprised at the inner peace it gave me and the shift from a materialistic way of living, focusing on greed, power and money to a Spiritual perspective of thinking and seeing, awakening my thoughts and my vision to a new reality.

It was during my first guided Meditation that I met with the Animals. Up till now Animals were not a part of my life. Here I am in Meditation and I am seeing myself as a bus driver with a bus full of animal passengers. My first thoughts were ‘Am I going mad? How will I explain this to my family and friends? They’re going to think I am mad, I thought I was going mad.’

When I awoke from the Meditation I knew this Animal bus was not just random but that there was more to it, that my life purpose had been revealed to me.

Once I got out of my head, I knew I had to find out what it meant. What did this message mean? I needed to trust in what I was seeing and get an understanding of why the animals had come to me. I began searching for answers on what these animals meant.

I heard about a man named Scott Alexander King who was hosting a workshop at the Zoo on how to find your power animal. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence and that I must attend.

During the workshop I was once again guided by meditation to meet my power animal. The animal I came face to face with was the Hippo. I didn’t know much about what the Hippo represented but I couldn’t wait to find out. When I took an honest look at myself I realised I was very much like the Hippo. I was always lost in my thoughts, I hid my emotions from the world, like the Hippo hides its true self below the surface of the water. Only popping up occasionally. I purchased Scott’s books and cards solidifying my connection to the Animal world and making a lifelong friend in Scott.

I started to notice the Animals around me in my physical world and enjoyed looking up their meaning in the books. I found that what was happening in my life was represented by the message of the animal interpretation in the book. The more I allowed the animals into my life the more I began to communicate again with the outside world. Over time I found that I was no longer needing to verify messages from in the books and that my connection with the animals had become so strong that I was able to believe and trust the messages that were coming from within me. The more I believed my inner voice the greater the connection to the Animals.

This have me the confidence to trust my instincts in all facets of life. Something I had not been able to do in years. My world became more peaceful with every connection I made.

As my healing continued the more I believed in me and the vision I started to see. I had gone from a suppressive state, to a depressed state and now to an expressed state of living. No longer did I wake at 3am to drink coffee eat and smoke, now I woke up inspired to write down my inner thoughts. The more I wrote and realised the more I noticed that my negative inner voice had started to become a positive inner voice the more peaceful my mind my body and my soul had become.

When I was depressed I wouldn’t talk to anyone, I held it all in and sabotaged my way of living, losing myself in a world of pain, anger and hatred of myself. Meditating and writing gave me an outlet to release these thoughts from my mind without burdening others. I had found that the more I expressed my thoughts the more I started to love myself again and started to believe in me and my words. This is how my first book, ‘365 Awakening the Enchanted Soul’, was born. This book was a guide book to find a way home to me, how to love me and listen to my inner wisdom. Writing a book was something I never thought I was able to do, I had struggled with reading and writing my whole life. Now here I am an Author.

The more I spoke my truth the more I saw my true value and self-worth. The walls had crumbled down, my emotions had started to flow, my heart had opened, and my soul started to flow to the rhythm of life once again.  The more I let go, the more peaceful my life had become.

As my healing continued I attended an Animal Dreaming retreat away with strangers. It was here that I was able to be vulnerable and allowed my tears to flow, crying in front of others for the first time, I felt strong rather than weak, at peace to be able to let go of tears behind the wall of grief, pain, shame and fear. After the retreat it was as if I had found myself again, a place where I could be my true self.

This inspired me to learn other healing modalities. The more I tried, the more love I felt around me. I had found my inner peace.

From my mid 30’s onwards I have dedicated my life to myself and the animals, healing myself and others. The more I open myself to my inside world the less suppressed and depressed I am. I have fallen in love with me again.

By opening up my heart and feeling love like I have never felt love from within before, I was able to create my affirmation cards, ‘Enchanted Soul Healing’, knowing that when we simplify the words from our heart we allow true love to be seen and to be felt. No longer can the walls go up, our Soul has been released.

As my journey progressed my connection to the Animals grew. I’m now a facilitator of the modalities that helped me establish my new life: Reiki, fifth-dimensional healing, lotus Egyptian healing, sound healing (drums and chimes), body work and connecting with animals and nature.

As an Animal Spirit Medium, I connect with the animals each and every day. Everyone’s relationship with the animals is different. Some see animals as signs, some see Animals as Ancestors. I see animals as messengers from the soul. It’s through this connection that I created a new deck of cards similar to that of the Tarot. I was meditating with the Elements in mind. As the words came to me for each Element so too did the relevant animal associated with the message. I was able to connect the Animal through its characteristics to the corresponding word according to my connection with the Animals. The result was a new technique to provide guidance channeling messages from our Animal kin.

Now, I share with you the messages and gentle guidance I’ve received from Spirit, to help you when you become lost in a world of separation from yourself or others. To help you find your own way to yourself to your Enchanted Soul.