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After many years searching for answers to my questions from other people, readers and healers I found that the day I started to find love and peace from within was the day I started to walk my true path.

All the answers that I needed were waiting to be discovered deep within. Once I reconnected through the whispers of my Soul and the animal spirit messages I started to live a life of happiness of me and the world around me.

My readings are a tool to help you to find yourself again and to start to walk your path through your soul, I too was once separated from myself and this has helped me reunite with my heart and soul and live my true life.

My readings are unique they will empower you to recognise that the answers are within.

I offer readings via Skype, Phone or in Person. 

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Along my journey I have been blessed to meet other practitioners of many facets of healing. These modalities have helped me throughout my journey to self, from a place of suppression that lead to depression to now where I lead a life of expression from my soul.

My healings embrace the energy of the animal spirits around me. They are a way of finding inner peace of the mind, body and soul. Healings leave people feeling at one on both an internal and external level allowing them to find harmony and live in a balanced state.  


Reiki is an ancient technique birthed in Japan and passed down from master to master. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." It’s an energetic healing where I use my physical body as a vessel to stimulate the life force within you through my hands. Reiki is used to reduce stress, promote health and wellbeing. A nice relaxing way of healing which leaves the participant feeling awakened and refreshed.​

5th Dimensional Healing

This is a technique used to tap into the universal energy of the 5th dimension and the deepest core of Mother Earth simultaneously. It allows you to find peace and remove any blockages holding you back. 5th Dimensional Healing assists you to realign you mind, body and spirit by channeling energy from your higher heart opening you to the infinite energies of the universe as well as keeping you grounded to Mother Earth, allowing you to unlock your potential and achieve all that is possible from your infinite wisdom and truth of your soul.

Egyptian Healing

The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses have been with us from the beginning of time. The world has been mesmerised by what the Egyptian people have been able to achieve. This healing brings the energy of the Pyramids and the Wisdom of the Goddz to life through a heart centered healing. This hands on technique allows me to tap into the Ancient vibrational frequency of Egypt and of love allowing the heart space to reconnect to the power of self.

American Indian Body Work

This technique was passed on to me many years ago. It originates from North America and is a method that incorporates massage, breathe, movement and energy. The gentle technique of rocking is used to release energy blocks throughout the body and draw spirit in to the affected areas of your physical self. This allows movement of mind, body and soul giving you the freedom of to walk with your true purpose of life on Earth.

Sound healing

The vibrational energy of sound is a powerful healing tool. The Animals guide me to use sound to shift stagnant energy in your body and soul. The drums represent the core of Mother Earth and heal you from deep within, beating to the sound of your heart. The Chimes allow you to connect to Father Sky on the highest level. Their sound helps you to break free from the earth plane allowing you to connect and become one with the life force of your Spirit. My voice is a bridge that I had to overcome. I once held back from speaking my truth but now I am free. My chanting began when I was creating my drum. The words came to me naturally and I now use them as part of my healings. Their energy comes from deep within my Soul and connects directly to yours.


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